Hugo Nominees

Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

March 11, 2012 -- 7:33 p.m.
I'm still feeling sick. But my scab thingy is gone, at least.

As a member of last year's worldcon, I got to nominate for this year's Hugos. I'm not going to go into all the entries, but if you're looking for a good set of stories to read, here are links to ones I nominated.

The Paper Menagerie, by Ken Liu. A short story about a Chinese mother and her Americanized son's relationship, illustrated with the help of magic origami. Made me bawl like a baby.

Younger Women, by Karen Joy Fowler. A short story that hilariously asks, "Why would a vampire fall for a teenage girl, anyway?" This one is really short so GO. READ. NOW.

The Man Who Ended History, by Ken Liu. Again. The man's a writing machine. He's already got a double-Nebula nomination in two categories, and I can't see how he doesn't get at least two nominations for the Hugo as well. How often does that happen? This novella is another WWII time-travel-ish story (there's that time-sucking nexus again...) but instead of visiting Hitler, this story is about Japanese atrocities, such as the "Asian Auschwitz". It's written in the style of a movie script, which I think is awesome.


Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

March 2, 2012 -- 11:23 p.m.

I'm having a bad day. I failed a midterm. Not surprising really, since the computer deleted five hours of my work and I didn't find out it'd gone missing until a half-hour before the test was due. But still, so frustrating. You can spend thirty hours on a project and still fail...

I had three midterms in the past week and a half. My body is breaking down. My stomach is cramping all the time, and a mysterious, six-inch long scab developed on the underside of my arm. (See the lovely image to the left) Isn't it ucky? It hurts to move my arm. Hurts to type. Ironic, that if I quit school, I lose my medical insurance, but if I continue, I might get sicker if my ailments are due to stress. I don't know if they are. Probably. And the sicker I get, the further and further I get behind...

Happy thoughts. The semester is almost over, and then it's summer break and maybe I won't have to constantly be disappointed in myself. Happy thoughts.