Fanciful Modeling (Scam!)

Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

July 23, 2012 -- 12:19 p.m.

Oi! It's been a long time since I've written anything. I've mostly decided that blogging takes up energy that could be better used on my book, so I'm focusing on that. So don't expect many updates from me. I thought of reviewing the Dark Knight Rises--which I very much enjoyed--but lost my enthusiasm after the shootings. And the comments boards of articles that deal with the shootings. Some people have no respect. My heart goes out to all those poor people in Colorado. My prayers are with you.

So why am I posting? Because I got an email this morning. I couldn't find any Google hits on the subject, so I'm putting up a warning just in case something like this wends it way into a gullible person's inbox:

We're emailing you to let you know that we're currently looking for new models. We noticed that you have expressed interest before in becoming a model. Our agency is the perfect place to get your start into the modeling world! 
If you're interested in applying to model with our agency, please send us a brief description of yourself - your hobbies, why you want to get into modeling, etc. - along with information to contact you should you be accepted. Also, please send photos with your application. We would appreciate it if you sent a few photos in a modeling type style. Please send us at least one photo from at least one of the following: nude, swimwear (both one-piece and two-piece is acceptable), or underwear(lingere is preferred, but not required). 
If interested, please reply to, with the required information and photos. Also, all of our models must be 18 or older. If you do not meet this age requirement, please disregard this message.  
Thank you, 
Loriane Varner 
Modeling Agent Coordinator
Obviously this is a scam. The agency is asking for nude pictures instead of head shots, there's some sloppy grammar (ie, 'into' instead of 'in' in the first paragraph), I got this out of nowhere (I'm 28--not exactly a prime demographic for new models), and Fanciful Modeling has no website and operates out of a yahoo address. All this makes me believe that Fanciful Modeling is, well, fanciful.

The question is: What do the people doing this want? Are they in it  just out for free amateur pornography? Or after the photos are sent, are they pushing pay-for-hire services? I am half curious enough that I almost want to send them a fake photo and see what happens, but my email is on too many other spammer's lists already. Ah well, I suppose stuff like this is more interesting than Viagra ads.

I'd recommend anyone who is contacted by a modelling agency by email check out this scam warning from the federal trade commission.