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My computer's back from the shop with brand new, shiny anti-virus software. The novel's fine. I've started over from the beginning with the goal of packing it jam full of shiny new adjectives, too. I'm ignoring the word count and pretending that this novel won't balloon to 200,000 words in the process. Hopefully, it won't.

It feels so good to write again. To go back to a familiar world. My self-confidence has been kind of shot lately, I don't know why, so it's good to be back to things I'm actually good at.

In the meantime, my swimsuit hasn't come yet and there's another person throwing a birthday party at the exact same day as me, so I'm likely to end up with a lot of food and no guests. Oh well.

Low expectations are the key to happiness.


  1. Lee Ann Setzer said...

    Whoo--"started over from the beginning" sounds like a very big job. You go girl! Still volunteering as a beta reader...

  2. Luisa Perkins said...

    Oh, I'm glad the novel is intact. But I want your bathing suit to arrive on time!

    If I didn't live 2,000 miles away, I would crash your party.

  3. Luisa Perkins said...

    I thought I had left a comment on this post already. Maybe you didn't approve it. Oh, no!

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