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March 1, 2011 -- 2:40 p.m.

Finished my application to grad school. Got my GRE scores, too. I got a perfect score of 6.0 on the essay writing sections and decent on the verbal and quantitative -- 720 and 710 out of a possible 800. Reading other people's scores on the internet depresses me because so many people seemed to get perfect everything.

I'm so tired. The application process really stressed me out. It seems like the schools try on purpose to make it difficult and frustrating. Proof that you really want to go there, I guess. I'm not at all confident I'll get admitted because I know I messed up one of the forms, but I'm so sick of everything that if I don't get admitted because I submitted form A instead of form B (almost identical, but B has to be signed by two people instead of one) it will almost come as a relief. Part of me would rather get a part-time job selling hot dogs than try and start another career. I'm trying to get a degree that involves more math in the hopes that, if I haven't managed to publish a novel by the time I get out of school, then my job won't make me too tired of writing to write. I wasn't capable of coming home from work as a full-time reporter and then work on a novel. Too much writing.

Days like this make me want to go move in with one of my friends, who pays no rent because that he lives in a solar-powered van parked in some random forest. He doesn't have to buy much food either because he goes dumpster diving. I went with him once and enjoyed it. It gives one a real hunter-gatherer thrill. If you ever actually do it, you'll be amazed at how much stores throw away. There's so much waste in our society! Plus, if you go to places like Trader Joe's, you get really good food that's just, say, one day past an expiration date. Eating organic for zero cost! Yay! I didn't much care for rooting through moldy produce, though.

I paid my registration fee for the fantasy convention in Reno. I'm looking forward to it. A bunch of people in Brandon Sanderson's class are carpooling up together. I'm still looking for other people to share a hotel room with.

Ugh. I have a midterm this week. If it were just one week later, my life would be so much easier.

Speaking of math, apparently someone else shares my love of turning writing into charts and trying to break it down mathematically. You can read about it here. Ancient Greek detective stories is one of those ideas I wish I had thought of.


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