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I got married!

I also bought a house!

My blog's been dark for awhile, I haven't had the time or energy to put into it. Plus, my life's been turning to the intensely personal lately. There are some things you don't want to share with the world (unlike weddings)

All in all, I think I'll save updates for when I'm actually getting published and have something to say. I will mention that after months of work I'm finally getting back into swing of things. Revisions on White War are humming along at the 10,000 words per day range, in no small part because of my loving best friend and husband, Jeremy, who is so very supportive and creative. Love never seemed real to me until I found it with him. I want to spend a part of every day crying in joy because I have found the other half to my soul.

Now, I just have to accept the idea that being deliriously happy is okay. Otherwise, I'll screw it up myself with my endless neuroses.

Anyway, I can't post wedding pictures on facebook until I show the family, but I thought I'd put a few of my favorites up here. Because why not? What bride doesn't love to show off her work?

We got married in the Provo temple on June 15, 2013. (Not as cool as our engagement date -- 2/13/2013-- but oh well.)

We were joined by friends, family, and a ridiculous 9-foot-long lace veil that my grandmother got married in.

We ate lunch at Chef's Table (where they whipped something special up for my vegan mom) and then had a ring ceremony and a reception in my grandparents' backyard. We were lucky that the roses were in bloom.

My bouquet was by Macey's (the grocery store) tired with ribbons and lace stolen my grandma's stash. So were the boutonnieres, which my aunt whipped up for us at the last minute (I'd wanted to do them the night before, but I was so tired from all the prep that I just fell asleep. Am I the only bride in the history of the universe who slept like a baby the night before her wedding? Maybe).

My sister-in-law, Lindsay Putnam of Vanilla House Bakery, did our gorgeous cake and our lovely cake buffet.

 I found the cake toppers on etsy, though we made stand. I bought the mini-blackboards there, too.

I also found our leaf-stamp guest tree there. To save money, I only booked our awesome photographers (Dave and April from Pointe Digital, who did photo and video) for the first part of the reception. So they left before our stamp tree was full.

I did our centerpieces out of silk flowers from Hobby Lobby, weighted down by ball bearings found my grandpa's basement. They have the best silk flowers, but if you want to buy them, wait until they have a 50%-off sale on floral stems. One happens every month or so. My mom made foam board cutouts that looked like bride and groom 'meeples'--a reference to the fact that Jeremy and I love board gaming.

The pictures are kind of small, but you may have noticed the paper cranes. Jeremy did those. We hid one in each boutonniere and two in each centerpiece.

Silly crane, how do you think you'll be able to fly with our rings perched on your back?

And here the rings are on the tablecloths my grandmother sewed for me out of $3-a-yard fabric I dug up at a store in Layton. Boy, those rings do get around! The diamond is recycled and belonged to my great-great-grandfather. The bands are from Losee's Jewelers. I had mine custom-made with rose gold. (The original design was white gold only.)

But we all know the true star of the show wasn't the rings or the flowers. It was ME!!!!!!!!!

And my shoes.

No, I'm kidding. It was actually the cake. OM NOM NOM.

What I'm trying to say is that I wouldn't have had such a wonderful day without the special people in my life who volunteered their time and their love. Some of them worked right up to the last minute.

(they're cheering because it's almost over.)


  1. Nathaniel Cassani said...

    My wife and I had purple as our wedding color. Purple and orange. Looks like you had both too what with your orange shoes and all.

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