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Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

June 21, 2009 -- 12:13 a.m.

THE INTERN a recently-started blog by an anonymous slush slave, has now been added to the blogroll. Found her via Editorial Anonymous, who declares "Oh, I am newly in love."

Her introduction, from her blog page: "THE INTERN is the unpaid toiler on the publishing house floor, licking stamps, reading slush, and copy-editing your train-wreck of a manuscript (for free) because the 'real' copyeditor is down with the genital crabs. THE INTERN wears mismatched socks, clunky glasses, the same shirt she wears every day and jeans she found in the dumpster. No bra—bras are expensive, and THE INTERN is unpaid. THE INTERN sees all, hears all—the tense phone calls, the well-oiled editorial meetings at which your manuscript is used as a receptacle for pretzel crumbs, the wheeling, dealing, and long hours of apathy that make publishing publishing. THE INTERN knows everything about—your ambitions, your secret shames. She knows you pee in the shower. Basically, THE INTERN has you dialed. "

Sample post:

Hot tips fresh from the past 5-6 editorial and pub board meetings:

-Vampires are IN.
-"me"-related books are OUT. ("it isn't all about you any more! now it's about "us"!)
-Twelve-step book are IN
-superfoods are on their way OUT.
-simplicity and simple living are IN

Do the math people. We're looking for twelve-step programs to help vampires get over their narcissism, using a diet rich in white bread and peanut butter, while living in straw-bale houses.

So THE INTERN earns her place on the Jenn's World cast of gods. And the peasants rejoiced. Yaaay.

(Sorry, I'm probably the only one who Played Might & Magic, World of Xeen.)


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