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June 23, 2009 -- 12:59 a.m.

I will toss up my query letter, just for kicks. I will probably run it through the queryshark or EE grinder when I'm finished with the revision.

Dear Agent X:

Godsplay is a completed 110,000-word high fantasy novel set in a world of gypsies, giants and dark gods. I’m querying you because....[Personalized stuff]

In Godsplay, godhood isn’t all about roses and virgin sacrifices. For the Creator Gods, a race of insane immortals trapped behind a wall of ice, divinity stopped being fun a long time ago. Believing that the other gods made a mistake when they designed mortals, the Creators decide to reshape the world in their own image. Step one: "Cleanse" all the other impure races. Step two: Repopulate with new and better breeds—twisted creatures out of any human’s worst nightmares.

The only one standing in their way is Rachell aehl-Darenn, the seventeen-year-old heir to a dying race of sorcerers. Her grandfather was once crown prince in the conquered land of Amor Dal, but Rachell can only find time to plot rebellion against the usurpers after she's slopped her father's pigs. All her life, Rachell’s been trying to prove that she's worthy of her grandfather's love, despite being a half-human bastard. But when the Creators’ twisted children invade her home, Rachell must stand side-by-side with the people she despises—even if that means serving the Emperor who enslaved her race. Because things are never simple when the Gods come out to play…

Enclosed is three-page synopsis [I have 3-page, 5-page and 8-page available] of Godsplay and an SASE. I was a newspaper reporter for several years and a newspaper editor for six months. I have a short piece slated to appear in Ender’s Friends (forthcoming), edited by Orson Scott Card.

Thank you for your time,

Jennifer McBride


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