Ten Commandments

Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

June 16, 2009 -- 2:56 p.m.

I somehow missed Nathan Bransford's ten commandments for a happy writer. It's worth reading if you haven't yet, and re-reading if you have.

The revision continues to be put off. I might just have to call this week 'recovering from vacation' and try to hit the stacks next week.


  1. Luisa Perkins said...

    It was definitely worth a re-read; I needed the reminder.

    I've got to get back in the groove myself. And get over my guilt at neglecting the Rough Writers for several weeks. Oy.

  2. Unrepentant Escapist said...

    Well, we all have to take time off from time to tiem, I'd worried you abandoned us :)

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