Book the Sequel

Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

April 29, 2009 -- 11:04 a.m.

Last post today, I promise! I'm just catching up on all the news around the genre sphere and reading the blog posts I missed. And putting off writing. Can't forget that. I'm moving along at a good clip, writing about three thousand (more?) words yesterday and aiming for the same amount today. Get done now, edit later.

However, I think this is kind of an amusing, albeit silly project.


“It turned out not to be the worst of times at all; they got so much worse later.” —From A Tale of Three Cities by Charles Dickens
Ever thought up a great hook for the sequel to classics like Catchers in the Rye or Moby Dick? Now, you can get those great first lines published without worrying about any of those headache-type issues like copyright and estates. "Book the Sequel" is a book entirely made up of first lines to sequels to classic works. The book will be a collaborative work and deadlines in May.

Learn (a little more) and submit your sequel line here.


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