Star Trek Awesomeness

Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

Fans are getting ready for the release of the new Star Trek movie with their usual mayhem. Including swag about the ST:TNG, the BEST Star Trek ever, IMHO.

• Ever wondered what the Mythbusters would look like in Trek uniforms? Photoshop fun here.
• The 8 worse ST:TNG episodes, from Topless Robot (I liked Rascal, though.). Yeah, there was some stupidity. But at least they didn't discover that the holy writing was actually the constitution... They missed Code of Honor. Come on, Yar vs. YAREENA??? Note: Wil Wheaton is writing for the TV SQUAD Review, and he sounds like he hates Wesley Crusher as much as the rest of us. HILARIOUS. Other bad eps: Angel One and Justice. Naked Now should be number one. The day I saw that episode, I nearly choked to death on my own bile. I'll never be able to use the word "functional" again...
• And finally, the Borghemian Rapsody. Enjoy.


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