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December 8, 2009 -- 11:01 a.m.


I think finishing the first revision/second draft of one's novel is cause for excessive exclamation marks.

I'll be going over some of the trouble spots with a fine tooth comb for the rest of the week. Then my beta readers will be getting a little Godsplay Christmas present in your inbox...


543 pages
133,500 words by the "every page = 250 words" measurement
12o,500 words by MS word count
Some 570,070 characters (making...about 4.7 letters per word)
Plus some 117,210 spaces
13,157 lines
and 3,674 paragraphs.

And to think I almost spent the night playing World of Warcraft :)


  1. Mercer said...

    Congrats. Enjoy the feeling while it lasts!

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