Another Utah Author Makes Good!

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May 20, 2009 -- 2:10 a.m.

Got a kid who liked Twilight? Appilynne Pike from Spanish Fork, Utah, who I met at a conference, just debuted at #6 on the NYT bestseller's list for her YA book Wings. GO DONS!

I had a hard time finding an amazon link because of Wings the T.V. show. D'oh... Looked like it worked out for her anyway.

Okay, for some reason blogger isn't doing images today, so I'll have to let you see her lovely book cover via the link.

The summary: Fifteen-year-old Laurel has led a sheltered, homeschooled life in a very small town, so when her parents decide to move and enroll her in high school, she has trouble getting used to her new life. A life, as it turns out, that’s not at all like those of other kids. One clear sign is a winglike blossom that blooms on her back. Oh, and her new best friend, the scientifically minded David, reveals under a microscope that her cells are more plant than animal. But it takes an encounter at her old home with the handsome but decidedly different Tamani to convince her that she is a faerie. She also learns it’s up to her to save her land from the evil influences that are trying to take it away from her and her family. This first novel is clearly designed to attract the Twilight set, though there’s significantly less edge (and blood). There is, however, a familiar triangle. Will Laurel choose solid, steady David, or will she be unable to resist Tamani’s lure? Stay tuned. Fine escapist fare, this neatly mixes the everyday with the otherworldly. Grades 6-9. --Ilene Cooper

"In the current crop of supernatural romances, this one stands out. Silky narration...delicious escapism." (Kirkus Reviews)

Sigh, I want my readers to say "homg...homg... when are we going to see forestboy again?"

Well, maybe not quite like that. She has a nice post about what it's like being a NYT bestseller here.


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