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May 8, 2009 -- 7:51 p.m.

So I drove 1 hour to a science fiction convention that actually takes place two weeks from today. Talented, eh?

And today I tried raw sea urchin for the first time. One of my life goals is to taste anything that any culture considers edible at least once (or at least the most exotic fare, though even I might not be able to handle "corpse fruit," which Anthony Bourdain compares with "French kissing your dead grandmother.")

Note to other sushi connoisseurs: DON'T EAT RAW SEA URCHIN. Maybe it was just the one I got, but it had the taste of salted, rotting seaweed and consistency of silly putty.

The day wasn't a total loss: I found a book on the Arabian Renaissance, which will make great reading for my novel.

Bourdain eats "corpse fruit" below.


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