Title Hook

Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

May 7, 2009 -- 11:46 a.m.

Why wait for your first line to hook readers? For the Ramen King and I: How the Inventor of Instant Noodles Fixed My Love Life, the hook is right on the cover. There's the face that the cover's "Cup of Soup" not the packaged Ramen we all know and love from our impoverished college days, but never mind. I have warm fuzzies for that stuff.

Reviews say its a "...beautifully crafted memoir about sex and fidelity and instant noodles..." Might be worth picking up.

I wonder if they had to work out the Cup of Soup people to do the cover, or if it qualifies under fair use rules?

There's a way, apparently, that Amazon will send you free books to read in advance of the publication date. Looks like you have to have a lot of good, insightful reviews to get picked, though.

Edit: The essay that sparked the book. I like Raskin's stuff on American Life, by the by, so this should probably be pretty good, though I haven't read it...


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