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May 23, 2009 -- 7:54 p.m.

I'm at CONduit. It's fun to do the fanboy thing. The problem is, that the question I want to ask is: how do I become you? And I don't like the answer, because it involves hard work and sacrifice. I'll write up a short summary of some things I learned at the CON later.

With the big book almost done, the question becomes: register for WorldCon or not? Or wait? Or submit to agents.

But first: revise. And I have some new, good ideas.

It's fun when authors disagree. "A page = 250 words"
"No, microsoft word count is the thing."



  1. Lee Ann Setzer said...

    Yes, do report! Fought the good fight with the weeds today, but thought about fanbeings having fun at CONduit...

  2. Luisa Perkins said...

    How fun! I wish I were there. I look forward to a detailed summary.

  3. Unrepentant Escapist said...

    I hope the war on weeds went well.

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