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Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

May 20, 2009 -- 1:20 a.m.

One of my synopsis got chosen as a "Guess the Plot" on Evil Editor two weeks ago. If you haven't visited the site yet, click over there now. I love "Guess the Plot" most because I so rarely get it right. There are a lot of people submitting plots for books in query letters that I'd never in a million years think would work as a book. But, each writer their own, eh?

Basically, he's critiquing query letters, so if you have a finished book and think your pitch needs improvement and you're willing to let him rip you in public (I think Miss Snark was much crueler, sorry EE) head on over. Also, he does openings.

Anyway, guess the right plot, and, in mean time, guess which one is yours truly here. The real query's a bit of a mess...a 37,000 word religious novel that follows a guy from teenager to saving the world after death? Wow, I'm tempted to buy the self-published novel just to see how he does it. I can't even get a character to sneeze in less than 65 pages, lol. (Then again, it's a fantasy setting, so maybe Rachell sneezes in technicolor...)

Hint: my plot wouldn't make a bad idea for a movie...

Answer _ #4 _. Run the mouse between the dashes to see the inverted color.


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