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October 29, 2009 -- 5:23 p.m.

A new reader to Jenn's World (welcome!) pointed out a pretty good example of U.S. v. U.K. cover art. I've mentioned this a couple of times--they're so often completely different.

This is one example of where the U.K. cover kicks our collective butts. To the left is Final Empire, the first book in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series.

Honestly, this cover is so awesome, I'm thinking about ordering it from the U.K. (along with my missing Janny Wurts book...curse you U.S. publishers!)

While I like some of the hardcover art from the U.S. release of Mistborn, but the paperbook art...ick. I saw it and literally said: "That cover must be from a Buffy the Vampire spinoff novel."

Because that's what it looks like. Honestly.

Anyway, I now reference what must be one of my favorite author poems about the horribleness of their covers. Coincidentally, it is not only the best, but the only one I've found...

There's a bimbo on the cover of my book
There's a bimbo on the cover of my book
She is blonde and she is sexy, she
Is nowhere in the text, she
Is the bimbo on the cover of my book

— Mike Flynn

(Have I posted that one already? If I have...suck it up)

Normally, or rather sometimes when I'm not buried in my own book (Godsplay) revising it, I do a Monday writing prompt. I missed that this week due to the signing party for the Gathering Storm (awesome! Buy it! Read it!) so I'll do one now.


TITLE: Cover it
TYPE: Description

Pick a story, any story, any genre: and describe the WORST cover imaginable that would be possibly created for it. And then describe the author's horror when he opens the box. 100 words or so. Post it in comments or keep it to yourself and snicker.

M example: J.R.R. Tolkein/Fellowship of the rings: A line of blonde, nubile elven dancers form a congo line with Tom Bombadil (complete with yellow hat/coat) and the Barrow Wights on top of the Prancing Pony's bar. Yes, Arwen (who looks like Pamela Anderson) is hanging from the ceiling in a cage.


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