Return of the Kings Continuity Errors

Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

October 30, 2009 -- 3:04 p.m.

Continuity errors!

I finished up my Lord of the Rings re-watch last night and was astonished to see two major continuity errors. In one scene, Frodo and Sam borrow Orc armor because Frodo can't find any clothes. Yet next scene, they're back in their adorable overalls!

And when Aragorn screams: "Come out Sauron" at the black gate, he and his party are all riding horses. Yet a few minutes later, the horses have vanished and Aragorn and company are charging forward sans mounts.

Well, I suppose, technically, Aragorn could have dismounted. And all the other horses vanished too... But why on earth would the Riders of Rohan abandon their mounts?

Anyway, the changes made me laugh. Especially "Oh, my clothes all vanished so I'm going to dress like an Orc! Oh, I found Shire-style overalls sitting in a pile in the middle of Mordor! Awesome!"

Maybe they're the magic pants of finding--always return to their owner, no matter what the circumstances :)


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