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Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

November 11, 2009 -- 12:55 a.m.

One book I saw but didn't pick up at the bookstore was And Another Thing..., which is the sixth book in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "Triology." I got nervous just because Douglas Adams is one of a kind.

I was also surprised that this book flew in so quietly. The radar didn't even exist here. Given the Hitchhiker's phenomenon, I was surprised that the book (which came out in October) wasn't even turned facing the front at my book store. Where were all the outraged fans talking about how this new author was no Douglas Adams? Arguing on the forums that lightning could not possibly strike twice? Heck, even the wikipedia page for the book hasn't been updated since before its release. It's by the same author who did the Artemis Fowl books. I wish they had picked a different title. I guess it's good they go right up front and admit that it's different, but still...

You'd think with a bestselling author writing another best-selling author's series, there would be more hoopla surrounding the release. Well, quiet or not, it's worth knowing about. I'll probably try to pick this one up at the library before I read it. But the reviews on the Guardian and on various blogs are good. Amazon reviews seem impressively split. It always makes me laugh and roll my eyes when I see reviewers give books one star even though they say they liked it and found it an enjoyable read.

Or better yet:

"I find it very strange and annoying that while Douglas Adams was a great fan of technology and gadgets, yet, a new book based on his series isn't on the Kindle. You are missing a huge chunk of hitchhiker fans!! So I haven't actually read it yet, my rating is based on the fact that it isn't available on my medium of choice."

Sigh. Silly reviewers. Stars are for...well, people who can review things. Loaded gun, meet monkeys.

PS: The Ender's anthology my thing in arrived today. I haven't got the courage to open it.


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