Another Nifty Cover

Posted by Unrepentant Escapist

November 27, 2009 -- 10:49 p.m.

Here's another cool across-the-seas cover. This one's for Patrick Rothfuss' "Name of the Wind." Who'd have thought the Dutch translation would be "De Naam van de Wind?"

Sorry I couldn't find a bigger picture.

PS: I had a good day today. I managed to revise a chapter in Godsplay despite the fact I've barely looked at my novel for two weeks. It's frustrating when I realized I've been handling the same forty pages for something like two months now. Worse, a lot of the stuff I'd previously written for the ending is definitely subpar so may need to be rewritten from scratch.

PSS: Be careful who you read when you're writing. Today, Rachell came out sounding suspiciously like Corwin from the Amber Chronicles. Sorry sweetheart, but you're not the cynical yet. Wait until book three (*evil chuckles*).


  1. Craig Lee (Durham, England) said...

    This is probably the first book I've come across where I feel that the US cover far outweighs the UK cover. That said, I think the cover for the Dutch translation blows both the US and the UK versions out of the water.

    Either way, I'm looking forward to reading this one (just as soon as I've finished my WOT re-read, read 'The Gathering Storm', Mistborn 2 and 3, 'Elantris', 'Warbreaker' and 'A Game of Thrones' :-p)

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